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Meravelha is always looking to bring medieval music to new audiences, whether through performance or educational/outreach events.  Bring in the whole group or just a few of us for a private performance, to bolster the ranks of your own musicians, or for educational sessions or workshops.

Contact us to discuss your ideas for how Meravelha can further your goals!

“Meravelha is not only a group of talented musicians who perform with historical sensitivity and artistry, but it is also a group of talented music educators. I had the pleasure of hosting this ensemble at my elementary school in October [2014] for a Medieval-themed fair and the experience for the students was excellent. The students were engaged because of the quality of the musical performance also because they were asked to listen critically to the music and make observations. The best part was the dramatization of the songs that involved some theater. Nothing can replace a live musical experience, especially for children- I would give five stars to this group!”

–Kaara McHugh, Johnny Appleseed Elementary School, Leominster, MA