lydgate-troye-wheel-of-fortuneUncivil Disource:  Medieval Political Songs for Election Year

This program of Medieval political songs explores themes of nationalism, corruption, greed, propaganda, and justice for the common people.   Repertoire is pulled from the Roman de Fauvel, the Carmina Burana, and the Notre Dame Conductus Repertoire, among others.  This program debuted at the SoHIP Summer Concert Series in 2016.





Christmas feastOld Christmass Return’d: Music for the Winter Solstice (with Seven Times Salt)

Meravelha accepted Seven Times Salt’s invitation to join forces for their beloved annual solstice tradition featuring seasonal music spanning the 12th-20th centuries.  Featuring an assortment of medieval carols, English consorts, Celtic folk tunes, Galician cantigas, and songs about Christmas beer.

Rosa das Rosas

Jesu Redemptor Omnium

Nowell Sing We


basiliskZombies, Spiders, and Nearly-Headless Dennis:  Medieval Music for Halloween

A sampling of spooky medieval songs and stories about monstrous creatures, possession, ghostly apparitions, a nearly-headless martyr, and the end of the world.

Libera Me

Foebus Abierat


snippeteditedThe Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas commemorates the feast days of the Christmas season. We honor the saints with nary a mention of dancing ladies, leaping lords or golden rings. (We save all of that for our Cantigas!)

Qui Creavit Celum

Owt of Slepe

Gloriosam Christi Sponsam

Annus Novus in Gaudio


DC-Pentecost-medievalVeni Creator Spiritus

This program explores medieval musical depictions of the Holy Spirit as a source of divine creativity, inspiration and illumination.  The Holy Spirit as a creative force is strongly connected to music:  pious legend holds that the original body of Gregorian chant was dictated to St. Gregory by the Holy Spirit, and Hildegard von Bingen also claimed that her writings and music were not her own but the work of the Holy Spirit speaking through her.  This program debuted at the SoHIP Summer Concert Series in 2014.

Veni Creator Spiritus

Svet svet svet

Spirito Sancto da Servire


TransromanicaThe Road Most Traveled

The Road Most Traveled features music from several stops along the ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela and explores the both the lighter and more ponderous aspects of the religious journey, culminating in the celebration of arrival.  The music includes Cantigas de Santa Maria, selections from the Codex Las Huelgas and Codex Calixtinus and features exotic melodies and dance-like rhythms that will get your head bobbing and toe tapping!

Quant ay lo mon

In Karoli

Catholicorum conicio

Cantiga 23 – Como Deus fez vinno d’agua


The Fourth Doctor

Hildegard_von_Bingen8The ladies of Meravelha, in celebration of the naming of Hildegard von Bingen as a doctor of the church, perform her music and readings from her prose.  Poet, composer, mystic, theologian, medicine woman and expert cookie baker, Hildegard was a “Renaissance” woman before such a term even existed!

Hildegardis prophetissa

De Sancto Ruperto

O virtus sapientiae


Daydreams and Desires

Rose The repertoire of “Daydreams and Desires”  is pulled from some of the most delightful music of Medieval France, featuring haunting melodic lines and eloquent lyrics to tell a story of love found, lost and regained.  We invite our audience to join our reverie.

Voulez-vous que je vous chant

Riches d’amour

Orienti Oriens